How to report corruption

Anyone may lodge a complaint/report an alleged corrupt conduct in the following manner;

  • by speaking directly (direct visits) to a complaints officer at ACCS head office
  • by speaking to a complaints officer via telephone on +248 4326061 
  • by sending a letter addressed to the ACCS Complaints Manager via P.O Box 1456
  • by sending an email to [email protected]
  • by filling-in the online complaint form on ACCS' website

Before making a complaint regarding suspected corrupt conduct, confirm that the matter falls within the ACCS jurisdiction. More details about the definition of corrupt conduct are found in the About Corruption section. 

Checklist for reporting suspected corrupt conduct
The checklist below ensures that sufficient information is submitted for the ACCS to assess and investigate the alleged corrupt practice. All complaints and information provided to the ACCS will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

1. Name and contact details of Complainant (optional) 
Anyone is entitled to make an anonymous complaint but this may affect the effectiveness of the investigation as the ACCS may need to verify matters, or obtain further details which can be difficult without contact information. In addition, the ACCS will not be able to advise the complainant of any decisions or action on the matter. 

2. Identify the source of the alleged corrupt conduct
Provide the names and positions of the individuals or authorities/organisations involved.

3. How you became aware of the matter
Include any relevant dates, time and locations as well as names of individuals involved.

4. A summary of the matter
Details such as dates, time, locations and the names of individuals and/or organisations are very important when explaining what the complaint is all about.

5. Other organisations contacted
Provide the names of any organisations or regulators that the matter was reported to, the date of contact and their response.

6. Provide supporting documents as evidence
Include details on any relevant documents or other information that may help the ACCS in their assessment. The actual documentation does not need to be included in the report.

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